Since 1980, brother/ sister Wayne and Lee James have been farming vegetables and fruits in Sonoma County, California. With a huge diversity that includes many varieties of vegetables and some fruits, they also  grow grains such as heirloom dried beans, corn and a huge array of fresh and dried chiles and sweet peppers. Striving for sustainability, no pesticides or herbicides are ever used.Tierra Vegetables newest edition. Come take a look at our favorites-sunflowers and zinnias are now available!
Tierra Vegetables Tierra Vegetables-purveyors of the very finestTierra Vegetables-sustainably produced chiles, vegetables, and wool productsTierra Vegetables offers fibers for sale...come take a look!Tierra Vegetables welcomes you, come find out more about owning and operating a small farm!Tierra Vegetables featuresTierra Vegetables offers serveral ways to order our vegetables. We offer overnight delivery and best of all fresh vegetables to you table!Contact Tierra Vegetables today, we look forward to hearing from you!Tierra Vegetables-purveyors of the very finest!
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Tierra Chiles

Fresh Chiles
Dried Chiles

At Tierra, we grow 50 varieties of pesticide free chiles. Of theses, one dozen are grown exclusively for drying; seven are specifically for our smoked chipotles; ten, such as our milder New Mexico varieties and our hottest Habanero and Cayennes, are sold both fresh and dry; and the balance are grown for fresh use. All of them are of the highest quality.

We sell these chiles at local Farmer's Markets, and also include them in our weekly vegetable boxes for local customers. During the growing season, we can ship selections of our beautiful fresh chiles direct to you in our Barbeque Boxes.

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There are several ways to order; mail in the Order Form, call us at
(888) 7 Tierra or come visit us at our Farm Stand!

Customers at San Francisco's Embarcadero Farmer's Market have a dazzling array of fresh chiles to choose from.
Our Chiles Are Superior for Many Reasons

One is their growing conditions. We benefit from the same climate and soil conditions that produce the exceptional Sonoma County wines. Here the cool summer mornings and evenings, hot afternoons and rich soil are exceedingly conducive to the slow maturation of our chiles. This slow maturation is what allows the chiles to thoroughly develop, producing their unsurpassed fruity and rich flavors.

Another is the fact that we have complete control of them, from the seed germination in our greenhouse, to the transplanting in the field, through their growing, ripening and drying. All of this is done by hand, by us, on our small family farm in Healdsburg and Windsor California.This insistence on detail, from proper seeding, to full maturity at harvest,up to the slow smoking and drying process, give our chiles their unsurpassed flavor and beauty.

We are rightfully proud of our chiles. We watch over them from their first sprout up until they are harvested and sold either fresh or dried. In addition to our friends and customers who tell us of their qualities, we know first hand. We eat a lot of them!
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Tierra Fresh Chiles
Tierra Fresh Chiles are as beautiful as they are delicious! Click an images below for pictures and descriptions of the wonderful Fresh Chiles available from Tierra Vegetables.


Heat Medley Hungarian Heat Hungarian Wax Jalapeno-Serrano
Jingle Bells Misilla NewMex-Anaheim NM Eclipse NM Sun Medley
NM Sunrise NM Sunset Paradicsom Pimiento Pimiento Classic
Poblano Red Aji Red Habanero Red Poblano Sweet Cherry Medley
Sweet Gypsy Szentesi      
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Tierra Dried Chiles
Learn more about our dried chiles by visiting our informative dried chile library.

Dried Aji Dried Anaheim Red Ancho Cascabel Golden Cayenne
Chile de Arbol Chile Pasado Costenos Gold Italian Tomatoes
Red Guajillo Habanero Mulato New Mexico Varieties Paprika
Pasilla or Chile Negro Pulla Scotch Bonnet Tres Perros Mix


Order Now!
There are several ways to order; mail in the Order Form, call us at
(888) 7 Tierra or come visit us at our Farm Stand!



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