Since 1980, brother/ sister Wayne and Lee James have been farming vegetables and fruits in Sonoma County, California. With a huge diversity that includes many varieties of vegetables and some fruits, they also  grow grains such as heirloom dried beans, corn and a huge array of fresh and dried chiles and sweet peppers. Striving for sustainability, no pesticides or herbicides are ever used.While most of our farm is devoted to market garden vegetables and to a small vineyard, our true love lies in growing chiles. Tierra Vegetables produce organic Sonoma alexander valley smoked peppersTierra Vegetables newest edition. Come take a look at our favorites-sunflowers and zinnias are now available!
Tierra Vegetables Tierra Vegetables-purveyors of the very finestTierra Vegetables-sustainably produced chiles, vegetables, and wool productsTierra Vegetables offers fibers for sale...come take a look!Tierra Vegetables welcomes you, come find out more about owning and operating a small farm!Tierra Vegetables featuresContact Tierra Vegetables today, we look forward to hearing from you!Tierra Vegetables-purveyors of the very finest!
Tierra Vegetables welcomes you to our web site. We welcome your comments, visit our Farm Stand, sign up for the CSA program and learn more about our 15 acre farm right here in Sonoma County


Chile JamsSalsa & Mole Kits, Chipotles and Chipotle Powder are a great (and easy) way to add flavor to your favorite dish.

Tierra Chile Jams, With seven varieties to choose from, there is one for every palate.
Tierra Chile Jams with many varieties to choose from, there is one for every palate. Spread on crackers with cream cheese, make a marinade for meat or fish, or try some with your next turkey or peanut butter sandwich.  A great all around condiment.
Panonia - A blend of Hungarian chiles. Medium
Farm Blend - A blend of our finest red and green chiles. Medium
Rojo - Red Jalapeno and red sweet pepper blend. Medium hot
Verde - A blend of Jalapeno and mild green chiles. Hot
Chipotle - Sweet Pepper blend with plenty of chipotle added. Medium hot
Strawberry-Chipotle - Strawberry with a touch of smoke. Very Mild.  Try with chocolate cake or brownies.
C.Chinense-A blend of the habanero type chiles. Very Hot!


Tierra Salsa & Mole Kits are an easy way to make your own authentic enchilada (dipping) sauce or Mole. The "crumbles" come with almost everything you need to make quick and easy sauces.

Our Mole is so easy to make that the crew of The Plastiki Voyage from San Francisco to Sydney, Australia will be using it to make several meals.

Mole Crumble - Crushed chiles and all spices & ingredients (except chocolate) including our smoked onions & tomatoes, to make authentic Mexican Mole
Enchilada Crumble - Crushed chiles and all spices to make authentic sauce. All you add is liquid and tomatoes (if desired).

Chile Verde Crumble - Crushed chiles, tomatillos and spices

Tres Perros - A beautiful, aromatic mix of our hottest chiles.



Tierra Chipotles are smoke dried chiles that range from HOT!! to mild.

Each packet contains a recipe.

"The best chipotles in the world."

~John Ash
Chef, Author, Food & Wine Educator

    Jalapeno HOT. Up front heat with cherry and caramel flavors.
    Farm Blend A mix of everthing.
    Krimzon Lee Medium. New Mexico type chile.
    Mirasol Mild. Complex with hints of chocolate and berry.
    Inferno Hot.  Marvelous flavor with peach and berry overtones.

Tierra Chipotle Powder is a blend of our finest chipotles ground into powder. Fabulous as a rub with fish or pork and as a "pick-me-up" to any dish. Also try our Chipotle Salt.

Wayne washes chiles to load into the smoker during the mid-1990s


Come visit the Farm Stand all year around or the San Francisco Market on Saturday mornings.

We have "sniffer jars" so you can smell before you buy.



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