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Tierra Chile Jams
(8 oz.)
C.Chinense-A blend of the habanero type chiles. Very Hot!
Farm Blend-A blend of our finest red & green chiles. Mild.
Rojo-Red Jalapeno & red sweet pepper blend. Medium hot.
Verde-A blend of Jalapeno & mild green chiles.  Hot.
Chipotle-Sweet pepper blend with chipotles added.  Medium hot and smokey.
Strawberry-Chipotle-Sweet strawberries with a touch of smoke. Mild.
sold out
Tierra Chile Mixes Mole Crumble-Chile powder blend, most spices & ingredients (except chocolate)
Enchilada Crumble-Crushed chiles powder & all spices
Taste of Tierra-Chile Powder blend, dried tomatoes, smoked onions
Hot or Mild Chop-Mixed, crushed chiles - e-mail or call for availability
Tres Perros-A beautiful, aromatic mix of our hottest chiles
Tierra Smoked Products Medium Chipotle Blend. Chipotles + Free Recipe
Hot Chipotle Blend. Chipotles + Free Recipe
  sold out
Taste of Tierra Salt: Chile Powder, Dried Tomatoes, Smoked Onions, Salt
Smoked Onion Salt: Our ground smoked onions and Kosher salt
Smoked Onions - Sweet and Smoky, "Vegan Bacon"
Chipotle Powder Chipotle Powder-blend of our finest chipotles

Dried Chiles

and Powders

Ancho, Chihuacle, Espelette, Fogo, Golden Cayenne,, Choricero, Nora-please indicate whether you would like powder or chile pieces and quantities of each. Please call or e-mail for availability of each chile.


Hot Sauces

Various varieties of hot sauces. All have chiles, vinegar, Kosher salt. and citric acid. Please specify if you would like milder or hotter and if you like chipotle. Call or e-mail for more info.

Ingredients include chiles, vinegar and kosher salt.

Quantities: most chile powders weigh 0,8 ounces and dried chile pieces weight 2  ounces.
SHIPPING AND HANDLING ($20.00/order AND $1.00/ea. jar of jam/ hot sauce) call or e-mail about shipping one or two items.  
100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!
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